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What I Ate On The F-Factor Diet

Pictured Above: GG Lox

After so many questions about my weight loss on the F-Factor Diet, I’m sharing details on my personal eating and workout habits. This is my lifestyle not a temporary change in my life. Yes I still use the F-Factor app to log what I’m eating and reference carbs/fiber based on serving sizes. Highly recommend downloading the app. I recommend buying the book because the details and recipes are imperative to your success. The book explains how this lifestyle change works and this mindset is ideal. Here are specific details on diet, workout, recipe and everything else you all have asked.


 A year ago, I took a food intolerance test, Pinntertest, and found I have broccoli, cow’s milk, almond and tomato intolerances. In most cases my grocery list reflects this but all of those things are apart of the F-Factor Diet.


  • Soda/Pop
  • Juice
  • Rice [this is a treat for me because I can’t give up sushi]
  • Quinoa [I prefer rice]


When I started this lifestyle journey I was working out 4 to 5 days a week. My workout of choice was Reformer Pilates and boot camp classes. I stopped working out consistently for 3 months. I didn’t gain weight. Now I’m working my way towards a 4-day weekly workout habit. I want to be more than thin, I want to fit and strong. All non-class workouts always includes 20 -30 minutes of cardio and an abs workout. I do arms and legs once a week. I now also take boxing classes.  


  • Carbs – Fiber = Net Carbs -> major key! We count net carbs!
  • Drink 72 ounces/3 liters/ 12 cups of water.  Minimum.
  • Eat biggest servings during the day.  The saying goes eat like a king for breakfast, prince for lunch and pauper for dinner.
  • Protein & Veggie for dinner. Little to no carbs at night.
  • Not all fruit is built the same.  Apples, bananas, watermelon and many other fruits are high in carb. Be mindful of this and check the carbs via the app for eating. You’ll find that berries are your safest bet.
  • Cook with oil sprays like Chosen Foods Avocado Oil.
  • Always snack in the afternoon.
  • Measure serving size! Serving sizes matter.
  • Journaling in the app is very important. It’s helpful to stay on track. Keep track of your eats!

Keep in mind this is what I eat because it’s what I prefer. You can have smoothies and many other foods that aren’t listed below.


On step 1 the rules are:  high fiber cereal, a serving of fresh fruit, a minimum of 4 high fiber crackers, lean protein, non-starchy vegetables and heart healthy fats. Oh and yes wine & liquor in moderation.  No rice, no potatoes, no beans, no quinoa& no bread.  I never really thought about what I couldn’t have because I could have so many things I couldn’t have on Whole 30 & Keto.  35 net carbs.


  • 20 or more baby carrots
    • Outshine Sugar Free Fruit Bars
    • Trader Joe’s Roasted Sunflower Seeds
    • Chili Lime Pistachios
    • Fruit & Nuts [not dried both fresh such as blueberries & almonds]


  • (1) Serving of Fiber One Original Bran Cereal w/a serving of berries
    • Always a berry. Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries or blueberries. I usually do ½ cup of blackberries. 
  • Kirkland Protein Bars
    • These have a much lower net carb than high fiber cereal. I prefer to save my carbs for snacks throughout the day.
  • F-Factor 20/20 Protein Waffles
    • I usually also eat eggs and bacon.  Both are zero carbs.
  • 2 – 4 GG Crackers
    • Smoked salmon & vegan cream cheese
    • Mashed avocado & red pepper flakes
    • PB2 & mashed Raspberries
  • 0% Greek Yogurt w/ fruit


Pictured Above: GG Pizza 
  • Large Salads that can contain:
    • (1) boiled egg
    • Cucumber
    • Chicken
    • Radishes
    • F-Factor Balsamic Vinaigrette [Yes I make my own dressing]
    • Carrots
  • 4 GG Crackers
    • GG Pizza
      • Recipe:  Rao’s Homemade Marinara & Cheese of choice topped with avocado & parmesan
    • GG Turkey Sandwich
    • Smoked Salmon w/ cream cheese
    • Scallops & Snow Peas
    • Salmon & Asparagus
    • Sea Bass & Brussel Sprouts
    • Grilled Chicken & Green Beans
    • Steak & Eggs & Asparagus
    • Baked Chicken Wings & Veggie


On step 2 the rules are: You can add a serving of fruit anda serving of beans/peas/lentils.  On step2 I eat a little pasta. 75 net carbs.

  • Banza Pasta w/ Rao’s Homemade Marinara & Turkey or Beef
    • 2 oz./¼ a cup is a serving
  • Chicken wings
    • Seasoned w/ salt, pepper, onion powder, lemon pepper, garlic powder & whatever you like, covered with avocado oil. Baked at 400 degrees on parchment paper until crisp. Than I drop them in mixed Sriracha & low sodium soy sauce.


On step 3 the rules are: You can add breads, cereals, grains, starchy veggies, crackers, more fruit, beans or lentils of your choice.You’ve now added 3 servings of carbs to your diet. 125 net carbs. This is what you’ll eat like for the rest of your life!


YES, I still eat out. I ask for dressing on the side, always request veggies and make sure I don’t let other people’s eating habits affect mine. Of course I eat nuggets, have shakes and eat dessert but for the most part I try to make mindful decisions. Sure I eat fries and I can’t get over wings, but at most restaurants you can find a somewhat healthy medium. When I forget lunch and don’t want a salad, I go to Chipotle.

My Chipotle Order

Chipotle is my place of choice because I can control portion size.

  • Salad Bowl no dressing
  • Black beans [half the serving; always try to eyeball 2 oz. or less]
  • Half Chicken Half Steak
  • Some corn [less than a serving]
  • Little to no sour cream
  • Very light cheese
  • MORE Lettuce on top 
    • I don’t eat tomatoes, I don’t really like onions and I don’t love the sauces at Chipotle. If you get sauces control the portion size. If I get guacamole & chips, I get a kid’s size chip [16 net carbs]. A regular size bag of chips is 64 net carbs.

Still curious about what I’m eating? Here’s a tour of my fridge. 🙂 


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