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Chocolate & Fit: Operation #LivingtheSweatyLife Pt. 2

There is one particular reason I wanted to do Class Pass. I love Reformer Pilates but majority of the classes cost $35+ per class or $150 to $300 a monthly. I wanted to be able to do the one class I know I love while trying others. Class Pass has allowed that and it’s never boring.

Body R + D

*Photo Courtesy of Body R + D

I have been doing reformer pilates since college so I was amp’d for this class! I haven’t done it in a while but it really provides an amazing workout for your body. The reformer is a machine that really works your muscles and your core. I live for reformer pilates and i really liked these classes a lot. I attended several 7 am classes and they were a great start to my day. My instructor was the nicest and I know I’m a fan!


I don’t love working out but I do it because it’s good for me. When I work out I like to challenge myself and have fun so I set out to try aerial yoga and found AIR in Lincoln Park. I took their foundation class and loved it. It worked my stability and was just exciting. Out of the box fun and entertaining. Time in this class flew! In a lot of workout classes I’ve found the other attendees are patient and sweet to first timers. When I walked into this class this wasn’t the case. When I walked in the door everyone’s face dropped you would have thought I was the size of a cow, not a 10. By the end of the class, another 1st timer looked at me with a look that said, “Girl. This shit ain’t easy.” The instructor was a guy and was fairly sweet to me and even helped me with a lot of the moves. Although it was some what of a bitchy experience I would attend this class again because I never a let anyone stop from being a fabulous fit Fenique!


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