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My Current Beauty Obsessions

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I LOVE MAKEUP & SKINCARE! I love to try out moisturizer, new foundations, all of the lip colors that in the world, every face mask I can get my hands on, every oil, every eyeshadow palette and all the glitter. I do extreme amounts of research, watching YouTube videos and looking inot things recommended by my favorite makeup artists, vloggers and bloggers. This week I’m sharing some of my current makeup obsessions. I can’t get enough of these products and here’s why…

For quite some time I’ve been using Nars All Day Luminous Foundation. I absolutely love it! It’s one of my favorite foundations but I like to change it up. Months ago one of my favorite Beauty Vloggers, Shayla AKA MakeupShayla AKA SLAYLA, was on Snapchat putting on Hourglass foundation. I liked that it was a creme that’s applied with a stick so I snatched it up at Sephora about a month ago. Cut to today and it’s one of my favorite things. One great thing about Hourglass’s rich foundation is that you don’t need to use much. You can use it as a concealer and you don’t have to buy concealer if you don’t want to (although I have 3 hahaa). Hourglass spreads well while providing a good mix of matte and glow. This will last you 3 to 6 months depending on how often and how much you use. Great addition to my makeup bag.
I received a sample of this and immediately fell in love. This serum is one of thee best I’ve ever used. It’s like silk on your skin. It moisturizes like a dream, it isn’t sticky or like water. It’s shockingly perfect! My skin glows when I apply this serum. I’m sure there are usage instructions but I apply this twice a day and under all of my foundation. Maybe that’s against best makeup practices but I don’t care. It’s the best serum my skin has every experienced and I plan to use this forever. I highly recommend you get this in your life and keep it. If I could I’d bathe in it and moisturize my body daily.
I originally bought this because my lips were so dry and needed extra moisture. For months I used this on my lips until one day I added it into my foundation. It was a bit much so I opted to drop it on my cheeks after foundation and concealer. This little tip changed my makeup game FOREVER! It was the best decision I’ve ever made. This gives me this amazing glow that lasts all day and night. Exhibit A: The glow in the photos below.
I have a medium size bag devoted to just lipstick and glosses. I love to purchase lipsticks and actually mix different colors creating ombre and different shades. I own three NYX Suede Cream Lipsticks in Kitten Heels, Soft-Spoken and Rouge. It’s one of my favorite lipstick because it’s affordable, beautifully pigmented and sexy. If feels good on your lips and your pockets. You can buy 7 different lipsticks for $50. That’s an insane deal for an insanely good product. & Overall NYX has great lipsticks.
So we’ve already covered the serum, now let me tell you how amazing this moisturizer is! This is the smooth, creamy moisturizer that I never knew I needed. Unlike my many other moisturizers (I have at least 4 in rotation), this feels like a marshmallow I can rub in my face. Ha! I received a sample and used it all in just a couple weeks.
Have you tried any of these products? If so what did you love?

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