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Healing Your Relationship With Food

I’ve spent years trying new diets and struggling with my weight.  I’ve shared my diet experiences on this blog. My last food journey post was about my experience with the F-Factor Diet. Over the last several months the F-Factor community has experienced a lot of criticism due to bad experiences people have had with the powder. The company has made several statements and even a video as recently as yesterday. So many people have been in my DMs on Instagram telling me what’s going on. I’m still somewhat confused because both sides are claiming victimization.

At the end of the day, it’s all ugly. I don’t agree with any of the things I’ve heard. Emphasis on heard. I haven’t researched it and honestly, I don’t have the time. My priority is pouring my life lessons into you. Let’s take a moment to forget the drama and focus on the biggest issue: HEALING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD! I released a YouTube video to accompany this post today. You can watch it below. I mention healing your relationship with food. Let’s unpack this…

The Foundation

First, and foremost, we’ve all spent decades practicing our current eating habits. Many of our parents didn’t have the knowledge to teach us about healthy eating so now we’re out here on our own trying to figure it out. Society has told us we must look a certain way or be a certain size to be considered beautiful. We also want a quick fix to our issue and a blueprint on it. We want to be perfect immediately. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix. Most people don’t quit smoking overnight. Do you really think you’re going to shake 20+ years of unhealthy eating habits in a month or even a year? 

For years I’ve been fighting myself trying to lose weight, trying to get in shape and blah blah blah. It’s exhausting. The extreme restriction only to binge and feel guilty is unhealthy. Give yourself grace. Every meal is an opportunity to make a good decision. If you have a donut or piece of cake, it’s not the end of the world. We often lack self-control, balance, and food knowledge. The food learning curve is so damn drastic. You’re about to shake your foundation so be gentle with yourself.

Building Blocks & Toolboxes

I consider every diet experience just that, an experience. We must take these lessons & experiences, then apply them to our life. The idea of eating less processed, sugar-filled foods came when I tried Whole 30. I never realized how processed my foods were. There’s so much sugar in our food guys. There’s sugar in foods you’d never think there’d be & that sugar turns into unhealthy fat. Whole 30 was eye-opening. F-Factor gave me the tools to be more balanced. The 3 Bite Rule is amazing. It’s not restrictive. It gives you a foundation to enjoy the foods you like. I’ve learned how to eat chocolate (preferably ChocZero or Lily’s) without the guilt. That’s why you see me on the gram enjoying cake or fried chicken. It’s a moment, not my lifestyle.

…Make the best decisions you can and love yourself even when you don’t.

I realized when I crave something for days and eat it, I appreciate it more. When I randomly crave something and eat it, I’m disappointed and regretful because it isn’t as good as I thought it would be. Delayed gratification. I NEVER eat food I don’t enjoy. It’s a waste of calories and I’m never satisfied. I’ve learned I’m a snacker. Instead of 3 big meals, I like to have my biggest meal at lunch. For all my other meals I eat smaller, almost snack-sized, meals. A lot of this isn’t what we’re told is ideal but it works for me. YOU MUST FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU & YOUR BODY. Life is filled with lessons and takeaways. I’ve taken these concepts and put them in what I call my toolbox.


Changing your life means you’ll have to change your mindset. When you decide to make a change in your life you have to get your head in the game. Healing your relationship with food takes time and patience. Discipline is required. It is It’s something you must work at. There’s no perfect blueprint or easy fix to losing weight and keeping it off.. Think before you eat, make the best decisions you can and love yourself even when you don’t.

In my video I make the statement that I wouldn’t be apart of a Facebook group for advice on the F-Factor Diet. To clarify, I think having a positive community around you helps. Seeing people be successful is encouraging. However, all the advice you need is in the books. If you didn’t read the book prior to starting the F-Factor Diet, I urge you to. Don’t jump into something you haven’t done the research on. Especially something that can affect your body. Your relationship with yourself and food are personal. You have to want to make a change, be ready and be focused. Seeing other people on social media can be inspiring but also discouraging. If you’re not seeing the success you want to see, but others are that can take it’s toll.

Don’t let anything distract you from getting healthier and healing your relationship with food. You deserve veggies and cake. You can have both and be healthy. 😘


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