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How To Edit Your Closet & Look “Put Together”

It’s been quite some time since I’ve talked about my style. Although I started out as a fashion blogger I now consider myself a lifestyle blogger. I love cooking and sharing my DIY projects, so it was natural to share that content. Regardless, I’m still a fashion-loving girl at heart. I went to school to be a fashion buyer so shopping is fun for me. I will forever believe that I can never be overdressed. When you look good, you feel good!

Over the last 3 years, there have been changes in my priorities and thus, my closet. 2017, I decided to cut back on spending and focus on other goals. To support that, I decided to minimize my closet. This wasn’t a complete minimalist overhaul but a noticeable shift. Besides, this was something that would save me money and would make my life easier. Having an edited closet makes getting dressed easier.

The “Put Together” Girl

We all know the “Put Together” girl. She’s the girl that seems like she has her life together. Or at the very least organized. More than likely she doesn’t. She probably has anxiety that causes her to be organized. This organization helps her feel in control. this woman is me haha!

When you see a woman who’s “put together” all the time, more than likely she has an edited closet. She has a particular style and aesthetic she either subscribes to or she’s drawn to. She’s honed in on that style and made sure it fits for her lifestyle. This doesn’t mean she wears all monochrome looks or 5 colors. This means everything in her closet speaks to her style and by default goes together. Commit to your true style self if you want to be like this girl.

When you see a woman who’s “put together” all the time, more than likely she has an edited closet.

Cleaning Your Closet

So a few years ago, I cleared my closet. No, not completely. I’m not a wealthy woman yet! The easiest way to look organized and ‘pulled together” is having less clutter. So I cleared the clutter by getting rid of clothes that no longer suited me. When I embarked on this I ask myself the following 6 questions:
-Do I love this piece?
-Have I worn this in the last 6-9 months?
-Can I actually fit this piece today?
-Where can this piece fit into my life? (Work, events, brunch, running errands, etc.)
-Is this a realistic piece or an aspirational piece?
-Where am I wearing this to in the next 3-6 months?

Before you do this in your closet, make sure you’re ready to be 100% real with yourself. Don’t love it? It must go. If you can’t fit it, you either have to alter it or get rid of it. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, pre or post quarantine, it must go. You want to be a woman who wears power suits but never wears them? They must go or you must change. If you aspire to one lifestyle but live it, re-evaluate that piece. If you can’t wear it in the next 3-6 months consider getting rid of it. It’s ideal to be able to wear each piece in 2 seasons. If you can wear it for fall you can wear it for winter. Adding a jacket, sweater, tights, etc., will take a wardrobe from season to season.

New Purchases

I employed these rules and it made life easier. In the last year, my closet has grown. I’ve added pieces I love. Some pieces I’ve stalked for months before buying. Every piece in my closet speaks to my personal style. If it doesn’t, I give it away to friends or sell on Poshmark. It’s also important to keep in mind the quality of pieces. Fast fashion often means trendy pieces that go out of style fast and/or lower quality. I like to buy investment pieces. They cost more but are well worth it. In this case, less is more! You’ll get more wear out of this and in the long run quality pieces always look better. Quality doesn’t always mean a higher price. Pay attention to fabrics and also cleaning instructions. When I’m purchasing new clothes I ask myself the following:

-Do I love this piece?
-How many times and seasons can I wear this?
-Is this a quality piece that has longevity in my wardrobe?
-Is it worth the price?
-Can I mix & match this with other things in my closet?
-Does this need any alterations? If so, is it worth getting altered?

Don’t love it? Don’t buy it. If you can’t wear a piece many times in multiple ways and/or different seasons, say no. 2 things to consider; How much money I’m bringing in an hour and thus how many hours of work does this piece cost me. Than I also consider cost per wear. Cost per wear is a calculation of cost divided by times worn. Can you live with cost per wear? If you can’t justify it I don’t recommend buying it. There are those outlier times when you love something and must have it. Indulge yourself but don’t get so carried away you lose yourself.

Peek Into My Closet For Organization Ideas…

I hope these tips help you edit your closet. Check out my YouTube video below where I share my closet. Youll find helpful tips for closet organization.


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