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Kitchen Finds

I’m always shopping around for things that I think are cute for where I end up buying, moving to and/or renting out. I love black and gold for many reasons one of them being the regality of it. I may have been Persian in another life because I love love love everything gold. I also find black slimming, chic, and just always stylish. While walking around Target one day and I found all the things (and more) below. I was beyond. Target is one of thee worst places to go in for 1 thing and stick to it. I’ve bought so many things for my kitchen it’s ridiculous but honestly you never have everything. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Anyway I bought these at a great deal and I’m so excited about them. They’re so Fenique! LOL

This is a charger that I found while shopping at target and a small plate. I like to eat my food on smaller plates because I’m a fatty at heart and gluttony is a reoccurring issue in my life. Smaller plates help me control portions…
This bowl goes with the plate and I can only imagine how obnoxious I’ll be eating oatmeal or cereal out of this! Especially when I’m eating out of the gold silverware I’m currently looking for! 

What do you think these are???  Candle Holders… but I don’t think I’ll use them for candles… we’ll have to see!

I’ve been busy preparing for NY this upcoming weekend. Lots more personal style coming to you soon! Stay tuned! 


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