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My Dream Boudoir

I promised myself that at the age of 25 this would be an amazing year for me. One of my biggest dreams, other than being Oprah’s prodigy, is to buy an amazing condo in Chicago and having this fabulous sexy lifestyle. Although I can’t live like the rich kids of beverly hills because my parents aren’t filthy rich, I can still live a fabulous chic lifestyle. This brings me to my dream bedroom. I have always wanted an all white home and especially an all white bedroom. I think a room based in white with pops of luxe and color are very Fenique lol ! My dream bedroom must have hardwood floors, a quilted headboard and some form of bling/sparkle/mirror sickening piece! Here are some of my inspirations… 
The chandelier, the walls and the view in this place alone is amazing. I love this neutral white based look. It looks very fabulous! This room is fit for a princess!

The things I love about this bedroom the most are the headboard and the night stand! I love purple and white so of course I love this room.

I love a quilted headboard if you haven’t noticed. The pops of color in this room are amazing! Purple and yellow are a great combination. The nick nacks and the aesthetic are fabulous. 

This is probably the most relaxing and comfortable looking bedroom ever. This reminds me of living in the South for some reason although I’ve never lived there. I can’t point out one thing in particular I love in this room. The feeling of this room when I look in this picture is what I need! It’s so serene, relaxing and inviting. It’s saying “Come in, lay down and enjoy” if you know what I mean! LOL
Unlike the others this room isn’t white but I love it. It has specs of white, is a little bolder but still not too much color.  Again, I can’t resist a mirrored night stand an the chandelier way in the back of this picture is gorgeous.

Another purple headboard but this time not quilted. I love this room because I’ve alway wanted a canopy bed and it gives you that. This room is very Disney, very Jasmine from Aladdin. I love that about this bed. Also all the lamps and just the regality of this is gorgeous minus the very bland pillows. Thanks for reading! Have an awesome weekend!
*All pictures from my Pinterest, Mi Casa… Chic find links here * 

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