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New York Part II: Harlem Anyone?

Not as many photos this time around. I was running around trying to keep up with the city!
Saturday afternoon was EPIC! I don’t have many pics from Saturday that’s how EPIC it was! Brunch at SoCo with this amazing group of young, successful career minded women was amazing. Unlimited mimosas and laughs is always everything and more. I ate a lot and all of that info can be featured here. Below are a few photos from brunch that can also be found on my Instagram!  P.S. I have stylish friends!!

Sunday was pretty cool. My friend really wanted me to experience Harlem. To me it was very Chicago Avenue & Ashland when I was 12. LOL! Very interesting, lots of culture but nothing about it was glamorous from the small amount I saw. I was not at all impressed by the area but definitely fascinated by the amazing eclectic crowd. I enjoyed that the most in Harlem.

 Blurry yet fun! I love this selfie for some reason!

 This display in Macy’s was sooo cool I had to take a picture of it…

I took sooo many photos of food. All of my food chronicles including little shops I stopped in are here


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