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2 Major Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

Whenever I think about turning 26 I think about the year I wasted at a job that wasn’t fulfilling. 2015 was a very unproductive year for my career. I don’t regret just inspired to never do it again. The signs were all there I just didn’t know it at the time. I got the biggest wake up call of my little life a year later when most of my team was given a bonus yet I wasn’t. I was training others and being asked to step up to help the team transition. I was told I made more than most of the them and overall didn’t deserve a bonus. Sounds like bullsh*t? That’s because it is. A month after that conversation I handed in my notice. They were shocked. My boss’s boss was pissed and sent a very rude email to the team saying, “I will invest in those who choose to stay.” That was lie. I had chosen to stay for two years and she singlehandedly refused to invest in me.

Before that wake up call there were signs that I should have exited a long time ago. Looking back, I made  excuses to stay at a place that didn’t value me. Women do it all the time. You will hear me say or read me write this: “Don’t doubt yourself. Trust your gut and know your worth.” The signs were there for me and probably there for you. Mine looked like the following…

Denied Opportunity to Learn

 I had this amazing boss who I will never forget. She was smart, fair, tough, easy to talk to and just a great example of a “Girl Boss.” I wanted to tap into a different department and learn what they do. She made it happen. She told her boss I would be doing it even after they complained about me being chosen. I was lightly trained and crucified for mistakes. She fought for me after that, telling them to give me time to learn. They did, I caught on and did a great job. They eventually edged me out, she left and I wasn’t ever given an opportunity to grow again. Looking back it’s apparent they didn’t want to see me grow.

The moment I was denied growth is the moment I should have left. To deny someone growth in the          workplace is halting their career. You can’t build a career in the same position for the rest of your life. Staying in the same position would be a job. In order to have a career you have to grow. This was the ultimate slap in the face.

Out Grown Your Role

When I took this position I struggled the first two weeks. As I got into my workflow I became good at what I did, received good reviews that were highlighted by the director and won several contests. Life was good. As time went on  I began to get bored. I was unmotivated and just overall didn’t want to be there. I was unhappy, not just with the position but with the lack of growth in my work environment. I never wanted just a job; I’ve always wanted a career. Having a career is about growing, learning and moving forward. When you find yourself in a role that doesn’t serve your career growth, leave.

You may think these are very “millenial-esque” rules but our generation has it right. When you’ve out grown your role and you’re not given further opportunities in the workplace, that means they don’t value you. For generations I’ve all seen so many people devote themselves to companies then lose their pensions and never receive a raise or bonus. We all have seen people give their all to a business that turned around and did everything but spit in their faces.  Why stay where you’re not valued? At this time in our lives and careers we have options. If your future doesn’t look clear get focused. If you don’t like your situation change it. Stop complaining, making excuses and settling. Update your resume and boss up.


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