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Travel Diaries: Paradise in Punta Cana

2016-07-22 13.26.15-3  After 4 years I returned to the Dominican Republic in July. My previous trip was a disaster so upon my return I was better informed, in a different set of mind with an entirely different group of people. Punta Cana is such a beautiful place with so many beautiful people. Unlike my previous visit I didn’t stay at a resort but in an AirBNB. I spent my days laying upon the beaches and just being everything I’m not here in the states; relaxed. I ate too much and got way too much sun.  Above is Macao Beach. I originally was looking forward to beds on the beach but seeing as we didn’t stay at a resort I knew that wouldn’t be happening. Macao Beach more then made up for it. The fresh pineapple juice was amazing! We got this beautiful hut, where we picked out our own fish (pictured below)  served with plantains, rice and salad.

2016-07-22 13.07.25

Below is a private island Saona Island. It was so beautiful, so hot yet so peaceful! I had so much peace on the almost hour long boat ride there that was filled with sun, fresh ocean water and an entertaining crew that danced their hearts out. No picture could capture the joy and peace on the boat ride.

2016-07-23 15.18.15

2016-07-22 11.35.53

While walking the beaches one day I met this teenage boy out selling hats. I sat with him and talked about everything and nothing. That really impacted me. The people in Punta Cana have the biggest hearts and were so hospitable. Some of these people don’t have half of what the poor in America have yet they have huge welcoming gentle hearts. From our driver who drove us every where and put up with our spontaneous stops for empanadas and unwillingness to leave the beautiful beaches to the waiters at the various restaurants, there was so much goodness in people. 4 years ago I didn’t see this because I was blind but today I’m extremely grateful I didn’t miss it. This trip really gave me hope for humanity and left the impression that there is a paradise in this crazy unpredictable life.




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