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Yoga With A View: Saturday Yoga At 360 Observation

I’m an early bird. I grew up getting out early in the mornings. As an adult that’s stuck with me. I do 6 am workouts during the week and usually a 9 am or 10 am workout class on Saturdays. I love getting my workout completed so I can go about my day. So the 9:30 am Yoga class at 360 Chicago (The John Hancock) was perfect for me.

I dragged my friend to 360 Chicago at 9 am. I laid down my mat (bring your own) and enjoyed the view (above and below). Our instructors for the day were Ashley & Britta. They were fun, friendly and super helpful. It was a calming hour of stretching and challenging my body to do things it doesn’t do. I’m a reformer pilates, cycling, bootcamp, interval training lover. Doing yoga takes me out of my comfort zone every time. Although yoga isn’t my go to, I really enjoyed the tranquility of this class. There’s something about looking out over the city while planking that’s soothing.


After my workout I went to the TILT (pictured above). Can’t lie this was scary as hell but fun. You step into this glass area and the window literally tilts your entire body so that your facing the street beneath you. That’s 94 floors down if you were wondering! Open 365 days a year, 360 Chicago/The John Hancock is a must do. It’s family friendly, there’s plenty to do and obviously even more to see. This is a great place to go this summer. BONUS  If you’re a Chicago resident you get 50% off! If not, buy online and save 10%.


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